lunes, 28 de septiembre de 2015

LESEGO RAMPOLOKENG: Poesía Actual de África

Lesego Rampolokeng (1965, Soweto, South Africa). Poet, playwright, novelist, essayist and documentary film-maker.

20 years in
Centuries down the line
The poets are hurting

The dreams’ corruption
Screams in the night and
The seams come apart in
Bill of Rights & Constitution
They hymen an apparition

Blac publishing    radic nourishing
To Cry Rage    in the Lie-Age    
                 of pain’s lineage
Shame is the Blacker hues
Makhafula up to James Matthews

If I could sing
Daar’s kak in die land
(tune from the claws of satan
strummed behind the doors of parliament)
blood-tide rises with slaughter-current

march of the blackstorm
from no sanctuary in freedom
minds’ Molotov explosion
all the insurrection way back home

blood-splutter paint
on the cracked walls of the cranium
megawatts in the AMANDLA name
for the power-game
but) who’ll pay the bill of reparation
when what was stolen
is that which is Human
ridden   from here to a mine-dump

the Richter registration
of) worker ants & termites
marching on feet that are broken-
scales of justice
& peace hanging in the balance
of a snapped brainstem
celebration of a sham
& THAT is my WORD down the LINE

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